Tomatoes: Rosso Sicilian

(Solanum lycopersicum)

When it comes to tomatoes, heirloom varieties are hard to beat. In the latest edition of the Seed Savers catalogue, we found this beautiful variety of heirloom tomato called Rosso Sicilian. Anxious to find “our” go-to heirloom variety, we planted a handful of vines and are just now getting some of the produce. The plants themselves are strong and full, with large leaves, a sturdy vine, and well enclosed canopy. And the fruits are thin-skinned, ribbed, and make a fantastic cross-section when you cut into them. The plants are just now fruiting and seem to be very prolific.

These were also one of the few plants in our garden that didn’t suffered from serious pest damages.

If you love tomatoes, but have never grown heirloom varieties before, be sure to order some seeds like these before your next growing season– you’ll fall in love too.

Find the seeds here: Rosso Sicilian

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